If you are a member of CIAT, RICS, CIOB, CIBSE or are a Registered Architect and have the requisite knowledge and skills you can be a retrofit designer under PAS 2035, the new UK standard specification for retrofitting homes. A one-day course on PAS 2035 is available from the Environment Study Centre which provides an overview and will help retrofit designers see how they fit into the PAS 2035 process and what is expected of them. Many that are new to retrofit design have also attended the Level 3 Award 2-day course for retrofitting traditional buildings. For those designers working on a traditional building (a building built before 1919) which make up a quarter of UK building stock, they will have to join a building conservation certification scheme, which need only be at the lowest level for buildings which are not listed. We would recommend the CIOB certification scheme as it includes energy efficiency as part of its assessment criteria.